As much as we love an outfit, most of us don’t want to been seen wearing it twice. We wonder when did repeating an outfit become so stigmatized. Worrying about what to wear is no joke.

In fact, it is the worst kind of mental torture that only women can relate to. We just don’t want to repeat clothes. Why? Because ladies’ suit is usually striking, colorful hence making them easier to remember. And on a lighter note – other women just have sharp memory! Nobody wants to be greeted with ‘oh, I’ve seen you wear this dress before.’, ‘you wore this at your cousin’s wedding, right?’

Well, we’re here to break it to you. Repeating the same outfit from head to toe is normal.

With eastern wear, it becomes a tad bit more difficult. Especially, when you’re not good at mixing-and-matching your clothes. Still, we’ll say – ladies suit can be repeated as it is. There’s no shame. Rather, it will keep your mind at peace.

In hopes of never having to repeat an outfit, you definitely indulge in online shopping. We know it’s not always easy to go shop. You would often find yourself on sites to buy Pakistani clothes online. Buying online is a great idea. But, don’t put yourself under agonizing pressure.

It’s the 21st century, why are we even moving towards sustainable clothing? If ladies still survive under this unreal pressure. Now, it’s time we normalize repeating outfits.

Plus, you can never go wrong with a Pakistani ladies dress. Just learn a few tips of mix and match. Learn how to tone down an outfit or make it look extra. Accessorize your look or add a touch of makeup. And you’re good to go.

Even if you buy Pakistani clothes online to have clothes on the go, just know that you can repeat them any time you like. Indulge in re-wearing and re-styling your wardrobe. Consciously make yourself stay away from such triviality. Because life will seem much difficult and it will soon not be humanly possible for you.

Become ignorant of the societal pressure, and wear your Pakistani ladies’ dress with confidence. You need to know that people will not hold it against it you if you ever repeat your clothes. To feel good, it’s not a necessity to sport a new outfit each time.

What matters the most is hygiene – as long as the outfit’s clean, feel confident wearing it. It’s time you abandon the idea that repeating clothes is something you should be ashamed of. Washing machines have been invented for a reason. And clothes can be washed and re-worn.

With time, as you become more practical and mature you will start overlooking when people re-wear the same dress.

Besides, there’s an internal boost of confidence when you already know that an outfit works for you. And nothing’s more important than feeling confident and happy in what you wear.

To sum it up, we would suggest you go clever shopping. Do not fill in your closet with single-use clothing. Whenever you go shopping, shop with an open mind. See for clothing items that you can make work a lot of times.

Your wardrobe should consist of clothing items that can easily mix and match with other pieces lying around. Wear whatever works for you. And wear as many times as you feel like. It will be a gradual process where you’ll learn to not get affected by repeating clothes. Allow yourself the space to grow.

Plan your outfits, evolve your lifestyle, look up for fashion inspiration, learn some hacks and rock the same dress differently. So, follow one rule: feel free to repeat your outfit as long as hygiene allows.


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